How to Get Pregnant

So the start was given…. and after all the shopping time, wich I made with a great pleasure, now it´s time to star think about get pregnant, and now I´m reading some article and books about it…. And let me tell you something, not be anxious is the most important thing to do… and that it´s smething that me and Yuri are not!

This article that I found on can be a good start… check it out!

    When you want to get pregnant, you want to get pregnant now. (Being patient is okay in theory until you actually switch into babymaking mode, right?) This article will help you to maximize your chances of conceiving quickly and ending up with a healthy baby.

  • Start taking folic acid now. You reduce your chances of giving birth to a baby with a neural tube defect (for example, anencephaly or spina bifida) by 50% to 70% if you start taking at least 0.4 mg of folic acid each day two to three months before you start trying to conceive.  Yes this I already done!
  • Try to keep sex fun when you’re trying to conceive. Use rooms other than the bedroom or schedule your babymaking rendezvous for an odd time of day. The rationale? You won’t be able to keep up the babymaking pace for very long if sex starts feeling like a chore.
  • Don’t hop up and run to the bathroom right after you make love. Lying down for at least a few minutes after intercourse increases the odds that the sperm will be able to keep their date with the awaiting egg and that you’ll win at baby roulette.
  • Make love often during your fertile period (the five days leading up to ovulation). If you’ve got the stamina to make love at least every 48 hours, you will ensure that there’s a fresh shipment of sperm waiting in the fallopian tube at any given time. Of course.
  • Keep in mind that babymaking is a numbers game. Even if you do everything “right,” you still have only a 25% to 30% chance of conceiving in any given cycle.
  • Are you a coffee drinker? Time to give it up or switch to decaf! Caffeine is thought to restrict the growth of a developing baby by constricting blood vessels and reducing blood flow to the uterus. What’s more, a few studies have indicated that excessive consumption of caffeine (that is, more than three cups of drip coffee per day) may contribute to fertility problems. The jury is still out on this last point, however. This I have to care, because I´m a coffee dreinker!
  • Are you or your partner regularly exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace? You may need to consider a job change or job modification before you start your family. Certain substances can affect both the quality of sperm and the development of the embryo.
  • Have you had your preconception checkup yet? Set up an appointment with your doctor to review your medical history and to talk about your plans to start trying to conceive.
  • Are you currently taking any prescription or over-the-counter drugs? Be sure to ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to continue taking them once you start trying to conceive.
  • If you aren’t already doing so, start keeping a menstrual calendar. Note the date when your period starts, the number of days it lasts, and anything else your doctor might want to know about. This information could prove helpful if you experience problems in conceiving. It can also prove invaluable in pinpointing the date of conception — and consequently your due date. For this on, if you have iTouch or iPhone chek it out…
  • Try to book the last appointment of the day for your preconception checkup. That’s when your doctor or midwife is most likely to be able to take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns without feeling rushed to go on to the next patient.
  • Make your vaginal environment as sperm-friendly as possible.
  • If you’re monitoring your cervical mucus in an attempt to predict your most fertile days, do your checks before you shower, bathe, or swim. These activities can all affect the quantity and quality of your cervical mucus.

One thought on “How to Get Pregnant

  1. è isso ai Carol, e aproveita, as tentativas são tão legais e vão ficar na memória para sempre. E lembre-se de que se não for gravidez naquele mês, ebaaaaa é hora de planejar outros tipos de festinhas, e APROVEITA não fiquem tristes e sejam criativos, festas, decoração, iluminação… tudo o que vcs gostarem.

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