We finished…..

Yes we finished it! The remodeling on our living room!

About 2 days we started this remodeling, been more specific, we started the planning 1 month ago!
Was fun, Iwan helped us! Without him, I think we won’t be able to finish today! Thanks Iwan!!!!

Now we have a nice living room, and a empty room! But for awhile it will be my patchwork’s room! Yes I will do some of my “arts”….. I will show you some!

But on this feel days, I realize that we are really close to make another BIG change in our lives…. Till today, was just fun to say about babies, but seen this room empty I can imagine the next step…. How you know, me and Yuri are really determined about time, we just want to wait more 2 years! But till that we can enjoy the steps before this BIG change!

Like, tonight we (Yuri, me, Paulo, Iwan and Igor) we all went to a tennis gym, just to have fun together, playing tennis! This kind of things that I’m talking about! Sometimes I just think that I have so much to do before have babies, but sometimes I just want to have them now!!! But God knows the perfect time! And will prepare it for us!
Now, I have more 2 weeks of vacation, and Yuri just start to work on Monday! Will be a nice time for me, to put everything on the right place, have my own time!

So that it! See ya!


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