NEWS from Campos do Jordão

So, has been a fell days that I don’t write on my blog…. So here I go….

Me and Yuri started our vacation last week, on Saturday (June 26th). We went to SP to meet the T.I.M.E. group who arrived from Miami. They came to a Mission Trip on camp….. We stayed at SP till Sun, where they do some skits on the IBM Church. Before it, we came to Campos do Jordão, to the Camp.

All the week pass, and we do a lot of things… we (Yuri & I) are really training our English. But, besides all the work that demanding a lot of us, was a great time, to know them better and to see how God use all the world to do His job. It’s a pleasure have them with us!

Today starts the Kind’s Camp…. For me was a long time that I don’t make part of the group (staff) so now I’m realizing that I’m really became a “old” person… you know why? Most of the counselors and staff were my campers, it’s hard to know that not even us grow up, but them to… oh my…. But I think this time here will be so good for me, stay with some kids, learn more about them, but most important…. Try to show Jesus for them through all the activities, skits, worship time, OUR LIVES, etc…. Pray for this week, that became a bless one for all of us!

Oh there is another thing really nice that happen on this week… Letícia has come, to bring happiness to their parents and Family (Tavinho and Patricia) my cousins. WELCOME LETíCIA!!!!



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