Mix of things….

This holyday was a mixed of happenings…. And remember this blog has a particular subject… Let`s start!

Thursday I went to the Mall with Rebekah and the 4 kids…. It`s was Pamela and Lidiane’s birthday so we went to bought some gifts for them…. Imagine been on the mall with four kids that won’t go so often on this places… and for buy a gift.  They were great, respect all that Rebekah asks me to direct them to do. With all this adventure, I recognize that kids need attention all the time, principally on a public place, we need to watch over them, if they are close, if they are respect the other`s people space, etc, etc, etc…. I can’t imagine myself with my kid yet…. But for sure Yuri will help me out.

On Friday we (Yuri and I) went to my grandma’s house…. She need some help with her bank account…. And then she starts to show us her poems – she just love poems, she made some but she copy a lot of them wherever she saw ones. I record this moment on my cel phone (see above)…. And then I make myself thinking about how important a family around the parents and kids is, I’m so blessed because I have my grandma around, she can gave us a old view of life, and how she had a experiences in her life that can be an example for us today, I’m asking God that my kids can meet their grand-grandmothers it’s going to be a pleasure for me.


Saturday was the high light of the weekend, me and Yuri take the day just for us. We decide some important things, and it includes our first kid. We decide how it will be divided our home and rooms, and in this next month we are going to start a remodeling on the living room and leave the other room free for the baby. Until the baby come, this room will be my patchwork`s room… I want to do some pretty baby things. In the evening we went out to celebrate “Valentine`s Day”, and spoke a little more about this remodeling at home…. It was a lovely time and we made big decisions.

And today, Sunday, we went to church with David, Rebecah and the 4 kids….. the kids just love this moments on the church, hope someday they understand what really means to live a life with Jesus Christ. But after the service, we went to McDonald’s, it can sounds a little inappropriate place to go with “gringos” but we asked for the kids if they had already went on a McDonald`s and for the surprise of all of us they won’t…. so it was a big experience for them, ate hamburger and french fries…. During this time, pass to my mind “what kind of word we live?” “why we all surprised to knew that some kids NEVER went to McDonalds?” this culture that we live can be more than the system let us know, our kids can live without this involvement with the system, and live a happy life and a healthy one. I have nothing against McDonald’s but some families just involve their kids on this habit and I don’t think it’s good for them; they really must to know what it’s good for their body and minds.

So this couple of days was a great time to reflect of some subject that influence how I’m going to educate my children!

Have a nice week folks!


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