Changing the subject

Had been such a log time I didn’t write anything on my blog…. I had been so busy with the work, home, husband and everything that a wife, worker, women do!

On these days, I met a couple that made me think about a recent dream and desire, been a mom…. I know that I had planned it before with Yuri, and still be on the plan, but you imagine the responsibility it’s to be a parent. Let me tell you about this couple….

David and Rebekah, they are Americans, and came to Brasil to adopt 4 kids… (they had already 5 kids in US)…. You can see more information about this adventure on his blog ( but like Rebekah said “all this started with my daughter prayers – I want a little sister, so God gave us 4 kids”…. How amazing is a answer from God.

So with all that history, I make myself thinking… “Can I be a parent like that, with unconditional love?” “Would I care about my kids?” “How could I prepare myself and my family and house to receive a little baby?”… with all this questions popping in my mind, I decided to change my blog subject to “preparing to a be a mom”. I want to share this moment and experience with you… maybe this baby just come in 2 years… but I want to be really prepared to it.

Let’s started!

I’ll post some devotionals too….


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