Why Does God Appear to Bless Evil People?

A common question among believers is, “Why does God appear to bless evil people?” I’ve asked this question myself.

In Matthew 5, Jesus says God causes his blessing to be given to both the evil person and the good person – and that both those who are evil and those who are good go through difficulties. Whether someone is a believer or unbeliever, evil or good, we all face sickness in our families, natural disasters, and all sorts of other problems.

God doesn’t always protect believers from having to face the same difficulties that unbelievers must face; and he allows unbelievers to experience some of the same benefits that we, as believers, enjoy because we are a part of his creation. One reason for this: it allows those who don’t know Jesus to see what it really means to know him. When someone sees a believer finding even a bit of light in the middle of a struggle, it helps those who do believe in Jesus to see who he really is and that he is the light in the darkness.

by Rick Warren


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