Hopefully in Love

figura1We were singing when I noticed the typo. The lyrics to the praise tune were supposed to be, “I’m hopelessly in love with you.” But someone accidentally typed: “I’m hopefully in love with you.”

 The first suggests an abandonment to love: “God, I’m in this relationship head-to-toe, no matter where it leads.”

 The second suggests tentativeness: “Gee, I hope I can love you God.”

 We express a desire to deepen our relationship with God and there he stands in the deep end calling us to jump in and join him. There we stand, testing the living water with our toes, hesitating to take the plunge that would require a fully immersed abandonment to God.

 The thing is this: The only thing stopping you from a deep, abiding relationship with God is … you.

 Our objective-in-Jesus is to fall hopelessly in love with God. Ask yourself what hinders you from a deeper relationship with God, and ask God to remove any obstacles that are in the way.


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